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Ecocil is the largest and most traditional construction company of Rio Grande do Norte. Founded in 1948, it continues to modernize and have uninterrupted undertakings, constructing with social responsibility, valuing its staff, respecting nature and promoting public spirit through numerous initiatives. Ecocil’s pioneering spirit and quality are reflected in several works throughout Brazil.

In Rio Grande do Norte, Ecocil has introduced innovations such as the construction of the first shopping malls and condominiums in the state, besides being the first in the area of mergers. Works of reference that stand out are: the impressive “Machadão” football stadium, the State Administrative Center, the Rio Mar building, which has the largest handmade facade in Latin America, the Sertão Central Cabugi Pipeline with an extension 204 km, and the Arco do Sol monument celebrating the 400th anniversary of Natal.

Every Ecocil project reflects the company's commitment to the community and to the development of a healthier society, while overcoming the challenges of a globalized and competitive market. All these efforts reflect the progress and achievements of the company, which has recently created Ecocil Incorporações S/A, incorporating a solid partnership with Salamanca Capital and strengthening its position in the construction market.


International experience transformed in successful investments

Salamanca is a private group focused on investment management with offices in Europe, United Kingdom and Brazil, and also in Asia, primarily aimed to global projects in the real estate industry, especially in property developments. In the last 4 years, Salamanca has invested more than 3 billion dollars in projects carried out in several segments of civil construction, including residential, retail and business properties.

The Salamanca Group holds extensive experience in value generation by real estate investments, developing large expertise, especially in emerging markets. Thus, the Group has achieved respectful reputation and high value in the markets where it operates. Salamanca’s branch in Brazil is Salamanca Capital Investments, an infrastructure with local partners, which has the Santander Group as trustee, also holding important operations in the Northeast region. 

Strategic achievements

  • The group led an innovative business plan: Plano 100;
  • It built the first shopping mall in the city of Natal (Natal Shopping;
  • It achieved all Top of Mind Awards in the last 11 years.


Significant Data

  • 17,750 low-income houses;
  • 4,140 apartments;
  • 1,663m of bridges;
  • 4,469,427.02m3 of concrete;
  • 3,455,329.13m2 of constructed area.